Just a lil Shift

Hello world!!

In a little while I will be launching a new website: http://www.shirleympagi.com 🙂

But for now keep up to date with S.Marksthespot on Facebook or Instagram.


Thank you for your continued interest and support in my work!! 🙂

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Dawn of a New Day…

Looking forward to 2014 with clarity of vision(s) and purpose driven living…

Dawn of a New Day

I’m excited to see what this new year of creative processes, experimentation, and expressions will be like! So far I’m thankful to everyone who has shown support and encouraged me along the way. You have all been such a blessing and I’m motivated by your good vibes and excitement!

Peace to you in this New Year…it’s gonna be great!! 🙂


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Manifesto 2013: Art Exhibition…


Manifesto is back for its 7th year!! This year I received another opportunity to be a part of this 4 day festival. *excited* Overall, the line up of artists is great, so I’m looking forward to this show and the whole event!!









Check out the event at this link below!!




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Keeping Busy pt.2…

I’m back!! …with an update as promised in my last post. As you may have realized, I have been keeping super busy these last few months. This worklife, artlife, and regularlife has me on my toes, so I’m blessed to say that I’m not sitting still!

Over the last few months, I have been creating new work and participating in a few shows. I have also be teaching and sharing my love for creating with a diverse group of people. My experiences have been awesome!!

The most memorable so far is working with about 400 grade 7s and 8s for a  2 week residency, and teaching them how to be lil printmakers. The project they did was dope!!! I showed them how I approach the art of printmaking, and I could see that they were inspired it. The funny thing is that they ended up inspiring me too!!!! So I must give props where props are due!! 😉

Below are some pictures of what I’ve been up to…which includes making original-hand-printed prints for SALE!!! I know some of y’all been asking about the prints….I will post more info and what’s available shortly. Until then PEACE and stay blessed!

teaching01_glenhavenpsteaching02_artheart teaching03_reconnexion_bamak


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Keeping busy…

All I can say is that, I probably should update my posts… This art life has been *keeping me busy* I’m so blessed and grateful…

…I will post something soon(ish).lol 😛

In the mean time check out @s.marksthespot on Instagram or https://www.facebook.com/smarksthespot on Facebook to see more recent posts and what’s going on!! 😉



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The wise dome…

*Wisdom*… Some people have it, some people don’t. Some people use it, and others my choose not to; it’s all good, just *do you*…lol. But this post ain’t about that… Basically I’m sharing this piece called Wise-Dome, cus I really like it!! And maybe you’re thinking “obviously you gonna like it; you made it!!” *true* 😛 But there are some cases that the work I make, just speaks to me a little more than the others or there’s something about it that just lingers in my thoughts a little longer; I usually discover this well after the work has been made has been completed, not during the process or creating it. *sigh* I don’t really know how to explain it, but the simplicity, yet prominent presence of this piece really leaves a lasting impression for me. Quite similar to my painting Headwrapped, which I love for days and I don’t know why (maybe it’s the colours), Wise-Dome just happens to be one of those pieces too!! But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy making the work I do, that’s why I’m so eager to share it with you; not for extra brownie points, but because I know that at least one image will speak to you and just leave a lasting impression in your mind! 😉


By the way, this piece is not exempted from the deeper discussions that we can have about having a wise dome, how one uses it, etc, the coversation can take a few paths, for sure. This past December, I dedicated a different version of this piece, to my grandfather who passed away (after this was made); he was wise guy and a good story-teller too..lol For me, his memory just added another meaning to this piece, and and I think that’s pretty cool… So now its your turn, what does Wise-Dome mean to you?



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The look & the laugh…

Occasionally I might do a little photo shoot ting… and random moments like are the best to share because its obvious that photography is more then just taking pretty pictures; for me, its about story-telling and creative/imaginative thinking… Was it something I said or was it something that he said that got him reacting like that? What do you think? Or maybe you’re not into stories like I am and you’re just content with enjoying the image itself *that’s cool* lol.

Aside from the “story”, I really like the colours…not sure why but they are quite cool and calming. . . *let.luv.fly*

The Look & Laugh

Check out Photography: Vol#3 for a couple of his other shots…I love how different the mood is for each one.

On a side note: It’s always a pleasure to photograph cool people such, my friend Chris and my awesome dancer friend Lady Astro, cus during the process of the shoot, we always find interesting ways to get the project done *always an adventure* 🙂

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**Exciting News** pt.2


I’m very excited to say that I have been nominated for a MARTY award for Emerging Visual Arts!! A jury will choose the winner in my category, but there is also a *Peoples Choice Award* which means I am in need of some votes from you, your friends, your, family…basically any one who is willing to show a lil love and support of an emerging artist! *wink wink*

Voting has started and will continue until April 1st; and the link to vote is: http://mississaugaartscouncil.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&formId=6

If you also want to see the other nominees, my “bio” (which I realized is more like an artist statement) and my non-favorite-picture-of-me, you can check this link too: http://www.mississaugaartscouncil.com/

ps. Thank you for the love and support thus far (regardless if you vote for me, or someone else, or not at all! 😛 ) I’m up against a huge list of talented individuals, so all the best to everyone!!

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**Exciting News** pt.1


Check the page, “LIKE” the page, Share the page and continue this journey with me as I share some of the work I create, along with any other creative creations that captures my interest!!




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INside-OUT Perceptions…

*INside-OUT Perceptions*

INsideOut PerceptionsThis is the piece that I created as a visual conversation to go along side the An(other) Antilles project; a documentary by Imara RolstonAjani that was about the Sir George Williams Riot that took place in Montrel in the late 1960’s. The opening night and screening also included amazing art work (by some of my favourite artists 🙂 ) and very engaging conversation with some of the elders that experienced this event and the younger generation, many who were unaware of this incident prior to project *myself included*.


On a personal note, this was the first time I had an opportunity to create an installation that was print based. There were definitely some challenging moments and I would welcome the opportunity to do something like this again… But overall I am proud of the outcome and was humbled by the compliments from those who were feeling this piece!! *many thanks*


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