I just love it…

Slakah the Beatchild… one half of the group Art of Fresh… Talent, talent, TALENT!! That’s all I can say. I first heard of these guys way back in the day; we first saw their video on TV or my bro played the track for me. I forget..lol. (Get Free) Either way, we were jamming to it and have kept tabs on them since!

In summer ’09 I had the opportunity to see Slakah live and he was vibing on stage with a few other talent kats that I know. The music was nice, the vibe was right, and I was just feeling it..lol. Well I can go on for days talking about how much I love his stuff, and how I can appreciate what he does, both on a musical level and on an artistic level too.

I’ll stop there, just have a look and listen for yourself.

ps. I don’t ususal have favorites for music vids, but I really liked how everything was done(for both); very smart and well thought out. 😉


pps. I came across this vid and saw a few of my friends ( 😀 x2)

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