Pass through and learn something new…

Yesterday I made a quick stop at the Bomb Shelter – your one-stop-shop for graffiti supplies. It’s a nice, very well organized little shop, downtown, near one of the most bombed areas of the city. *Queen West alleys*  I spoke with Jedi, a local breaker I met at Manifesto, who took some time to share a few tips about the art of graffing; the different tools used, how they are used, and what can be achieved with them. In my brief moment passing through the shop, I left a little more knowledgeable, which is pretty cool.

In the past I’ve had my attempt at graffing…I think I did a decent job…lol cus I am not at graf artist. However, I intend to retain what I learned, cus there are many facets to the art of graffiti that I would love to explore beyond the pictures in my mind and the few things in my sketchbook, ya feel me?…lol.


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