I can’t really remember when I first found out about this dude, but what I heard was just *whoa*… freestylin’ is such a beautiful art, especially when you got good flow, you’re able to bring it and go hard, and are smart and eloquent with your lines…

Eyedea was a real good example of that…RIP.



ps. Take note of the cypher on the last link – aside from the minor profanity – that’s the first time I seen a cypher done like that…you can only have more appreciation for the art…

pps. Did you know that in the 1980s “freestyling” actually referred to a non-conceptual written rhyme? It had no specific subject matter; it was basically very random, yet it was written for the purpose of demonstrating skill. It’s quite different from what we know today as “freestyling” or rhyming “off-the-top-of-the-head”. Cool, eh?

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