Blessing cycle…

Today’s Lesson: When you bless you will be blessed..its like a cycle. Done.
ps. The blessings always seem to come when you least expect That’s why I remain forever grateful, even for the lil things 😉 basically it was my friend’s birthday and we met up to chill..but why is it that she gave me a gift on her day? I mean it was one of those things that I was gonna make an investment for myself, *a tripod for my camera* Every photographer needs one, I’m pretty sure it’s like an unwritten rule. And they are not cheap either..or at least the ones I was looking…. *sigh*  The main thing is, continue to be self-less in the things you do for others as you are a blessing to them, cus you never know how it will be reciprocated back to you! 😉


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