Boogie till we die…

This weekend I took a moment from my busy-only-at-school-&-work-schedule to show some support, cheer on, and vibe with the b-boys and b-girls that came out to compete for top place in a battle organized by the UNITY Team. *props for putting on a good event* Before we settled to take in the cyphers and before the battle started, I had the chance to eat some real nice pizza from this OG pizza joint my bro took me to (but that’s a random comment I just thought I would  As usual, I came equipped with my camera, but was not really in the mood to take pics for some reason; I think that night I just needed to chill. Nevertheless, the night was good, and I managed to get in a lil cypher myself, which is besides the point…lol Basically, events like this only remind me of this piece I did: Boogie Till We Die…

ps. Mr. E, this is the one I was telling you about…


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