Gallery 44 (401 Richmond) is hosting a fundraiser/exhibition/sale/party this week, on April 15th. I was blessed with another opportunity to share my work too. The way that came about was somewhat of a surprise for me, but that’s another story for another day! On the list of featured artist were a couple names that I recognize, because they were/are profs at my school,  and I must say, they have some nice work!! So once again, I’m very humbled to have this chance to show with those who are successful and doing it big in the photography-art world.


Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire works by over 100 emerging and established contemporary artists, including:

Danielle Bleackley, Meera Margaret Singh, Robin Collyer, Jennifer Long, Virginia Mak, Tobi Asmoucha, Steven Beckly, Meryl McMaster, Sara Angelucci, Elena Potter, Colwyn Griffith, Miles Collyer , Susana Reisman, Eamon Mac Mahon, Amanda Rataj, Chris Shepherd, Chris Ironside , Dianne Davis, Jesse Boles, Lindsay Page, Taylor Reid, Peggy, Cecilia Berkovic, April Hickox, Laurie Kang, Lynne Heller, Scott Conarroe, Elise Victoria Louise Windsor, Robyn Cumming, Toni Hafkenscheid, Laurence Siegel, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Dave Kemp, Marco Buonocore, Adam Krawesky and MORE!” -Gallery44

Click to view Online Exhibition

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