The Missis’saga continues…

It was nice to actually see a performance, hear some legit music, and walk home while eating my apple. *I was hungry!*  Mr.Shad K and his crew of musical talent came through tonight. He is lyrically on point.. his musicians are so on point too. Overall, it was the right way to end my long day of never-ending-junk-food feasting with a bunch of hyper *love ’em*

Yeah…the essence of his music/his rhymes have some components to it that I feel has been expressed in the work I do, oddly enough. *music in visual form/visuals in musical form* It’s kinda hard to explain what I mean, but he’s not the only artist that has me reflecting on my work, while I take in theirs… yup, just a thought.


*Funny thing about this photo… I found it randomly; I like it cus I was amused by the concept; didn’t know it was Shad at first; realized that I seen the work of this photographer before; found out she used to teach at my school, and we ended up being in a show together; (I’m humbled by opportunities like that)….

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