da Kink in my Hair

*I’m proud of the kink in my hair*

Once again, I was blessed with another opportunity to share my work. This time it was with the hit production Da Kink in my Hair by Trey Anthony!! The art exhibition was a very 1st, which leaves me in a humble position, as one who is a part of da Kink experience...lol

Opening Night Show and Gala: Saturday, August 13th
Enwave Theatre, 231 Queens Quay West, Toronto
Doors Open 6:30pm
Show Starts 7pm
Reception After The Show
Da Kink Art Show Upper Level
Music Provided by DJ Lissa Monet

This multi-dimensional, off-stage production features works from a wide range of artists that have come together to produce a powerful collaboration of stories. Exploring through a variety or art mediums, each piece is to delve into the survivals, the evolutions, the souls, the depths, the inspirations, the love, the struggles, and the triumphs of a black woman.

Participating Artists:

Adrian Hayles
Alexis Finch
Ato Seitu
Che Kothari
Cheryl Rock
Georgia Fullerton
Hans Poppe
Janet Manning
Jordan Clarke
Mark “Kurupt” Stoddart
Melissa Doldron
Sarah Golish
Sharon Norwood
Shirley Mpagi
Sonia Farquharson
Suritah Teresa Wignall
Teryl Brouillette
Wayne Carnergie
Quentin Vercetty

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