September equals serious business pt.1…

Serious business indeed! In short, I’m being kept on my toes, with hardly a chance for myself (working intensely from the end of April until to now; yeah I just bragged a little). But “I ain’t hatin’, just appreciatin'” all these oppourtunites that are in front of me. My motto for a while is “hard work pays off”… and it sure does!

So just a little update:

1)My awesome camp job finished! Those kids displayed some amazing photography skills and we had fun!! Snap Shot favorites this year, light-painting and macro photography. 🙂

2)A little video I did was playing at Celebration Square in Mississauga for a few weeks this summer. It was real nice to see all the videos up on such a big screen!!

3)Properties of Charm; A show focusing on photography and lens-based work,w put together by the graduating Photo 4 class. ps. It’s still up until Sept. 24 at UTAC, in Toronto.

Yeah, September came by quick and it’s semi-almost over..but there is plenty of work that still needs to be done…

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