Random Finds…

Happy 2012!!!

The new year always brings the feelings of new beginnings, a time to refresh the old, and reflections of the past and future…etc etc.

Here are my random finds for Jan. 2012…

Included are:

  • semi-old/new prints; silkscreen and lino cut
  • 2 paintings; one I did for my mom in ’05
  • African music
  • Revue Noir; and contemporary art mag from France 1997; it’s the edition on African Canada and the Arts *super cool*

Im looking forward to what the future will look like, especially in regards to making new art. I got so many ideas I want to explore and share…

Until then; patience is a virtue *let.luv.fly*

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1 Response to Random Finds…

  1. Oh my gosh I remember the monkies!!! *sigh* UTM
    P.s. the print of the lady with an afro looks really good, I kind of want it. Is it your mom? Tell her I said she lookin good good (with accent) 😛

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