Area51 ft. Feel Her Flow…

Here is a little sneak-peek at the photos I took at a recent all-styles event hosted by the Moon Runners. This girl featured in the picture below, (I have to brag on her a lil…) I first met when she was around 10 and she was learning to break; a few years later, we meet again, and she’s still handling her biz!! *I had a proud moment*

This photograph, along with the others I take, is evidence of the essence of their art expressed on the dance floor. Likewise, this is also the evidence of my art expressed through the lens. Enjoy!!

ps. I will be posting more pics from this event soon…plus I still have photos from the last two events ( There’s just so many; they all have their own vibe and tell their own story, which has me thinking; what if I published a book with these photos?? Would people even want to own a copy?? What if I captured you and your picture made the cut?? *hmm, I wonder*


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