T.M. Solidarity…

T.M. Solidarity; without saying too much, this is my visual interpretation and reflection of the ongoing situation surrounding the Trayvon Martin incident. This piece was inspired by the hoodie-wearing individuals, Hoodie Marches in the various cities, and the conversations that were sparked, the comments and condolences that have been made, and so on. This is a representation of both Black and non-Blacks, alike, that have been in support and have come together in the fight to see change. T.M. Solidarity represents the stance and the position the public has taken in light of this event and the countless of other situations that have shaped the Black experience in America. The simplicity of the image does not detract from the complexity of the situation and the reactions of the people, even though it’s just my visual interpretation of it all.

So in honour of Trayvon Martin, and all those who have experienced injustice, to the individuals and groups of people – both past and present – who fight to see changes made in our communities and our society at large, and with the hope there is an aspect of T.M. Solidarity that connects to you, I am just humbled to be able to share my work with you. *With one heart and raised fist, we stand as one.* PEACE.


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1 Response to T.M. Solidarity…

  1. Need a bigger image, but what I see already is dope!! ….HOT FIYAH. That’s all that came to mind when I saw it, real talks.

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