T.M. Solidarity #2…

I just wanted to post this picture as another example of the work I do, but it just occurred to me that it has almost been a year since this tragedy made headlines… So many things were said about this whole situation, so many thoughts and conversations were shared, so many emotions are associated with this event…

For me, this was probably one of the first times (that I can recall) that a current and poignant event moved me to the point that I had to create something in order to express what I felt. For me, it wasn’t enough to just talk about it…it had to be visual. This piece was an observation, a reflection, a conversation… It’s not just about one particular victim, but it’s about the others that have shared in a similar experience or have suffered the same fate, as well. This is also about the response of the people; their reactions, their actions, etc…

*think about it*T.M. Solidarity

*Rest In Peace*


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