**Exciting News** pt.2


I’m very excited to say that I have been nominated for a MARTY award for Emerging Visual Arts!! A jury will choose the winner in my category, but there is also a *Peoples Choice Award* which means I am in need of some votes from you, your friends, your, family…basically any one who is willing to show a lil love and support of an emerging artist! *wink wink*

Voting has started and will continue until April 1st; and the link to vote is: http://mississaugaartscouncil.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&formId=6

If you also want to see the other nominees, my “bio” (which I realized is more like an artist statement) and my non-favorite-picture-of-me, you can check this link too: http://www.mississaugaartscouncil.com/

ps. Thank you for the love and support thus far (regardless if you vote for me, or someone else, or not at all! 😛 ) I’m up against a huge list of talented individuals, so all the best to everyone!!

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