The look & the laugh…

Occasionally I might do a little photo shoot ting… and random moments like are the best to share because its obvious that photography is more then just taking pretty pictures; for me, its about story-telling and creative/imaginative thinking… Was it something I said or was it something that he said that got him reacting like that? What do you think? Or maybe you’re not into stories like I am and you’re just content with enjoying the image itself *that’s cool* lol.

Aside from the “story”, I really like the colours…not sure why but they are quite cool and calming. . . **

The Look & Laugh

Check out Photography: Vol#3 for a couple of his other shots…I love how different the mood is for each one.

On a side note: It’s always a pleasure to photograph cool people such, my friend Chris and my awesome dancer friend Lady Astro, cus during the process of the shoot, we always find interesting ways to get the project done *always an adventure* 🙂

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