The wise dome…

*Wisdom*… Some people have it, some people don’t. Some people use it, and others my choose not to; it’s all good, just *do you*…lol. But this post ain’t about that… Basically I’m sharing this piece called Wise-Dome, cus I really like it!! And maybe you’re thinking “obviously you gonna like it; you made it!!” *true* 😛 But there are some cases that the work I make, just speaks to me a little more than the others or there’s something about it that just lingers in my thoughts a little longer; I usually discover this well after the work has been made has been completed, not during the process or creating it. *sigh* I don’t really know how to explain it, but the simplicity, yet prominent presence of this piece really leaves a lasting impression for me. Quite similar to my painting Headwrapped, which I love for days and I don’t know why (maybe it’s the colours), Wise-Dome just happens to be one of those pieces too!! But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy making the work I do, that’s why I’m so eager to share it with you; not for extra brownie points, but because I know that at least one image will speak to you and just leave a lasting impression in your mind! 😉


By the way, this piece is not exempted from the deeper discussions that we can have about having a wise dome, how one uses it, etc, the coversation can take a few paths, for sure. This past December, I dedicated a different version of this piece, to my grandfather who passed away (after this was made); he was wise guy and a good story-teller For me, his memory just added another meaning to this piece, and and I think that’s pretty cool… So now its your turn, what does Wise-Dome mean to you?



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