Keeping Busy pt.2…

I’m back!! …with an update as promised in my last post. As you may have realized, I have been keeping super busy these last few months. This worklife, artlife, and regularlife has me on my toes, so I’m blessed to say that I’m not sitting still!

Over the last few months, I have been creating new work and participating in a few shows. I have also be teaching and sharing my love for creating with a diverse group of people. My experiences have been awesome!!

The most memorable so far is working with about 400 grade 7s and 8s for a  2 week residency, and teaching them how to be lil printmakers. The project they did was dope!!! I showed them how I approach the art of printmaking, and I could see that they were inspired it. The funny thing is that they ended up inspiring me too!!!! So I must give props where props are due!! 😉

Below are some pictures of what I’ve been up to…which includes making original-hand-printed prints for SALE!!! I know some of y’all been asking about the prints….I will post more info and what’s available shortly. Until then PEACE and stay blessed!

teaching01_glenhavenpsteaching02_artheart teaching03_reconnexion_bamak


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