**Exciting News** pt.2


I’m very excited to say that I have been nominated for a MARTY award for Emerging Visual Arts!! A jury will choose the winner in my category, but there is also a *Peoples Choice Award* which means I am in need of some votes from you, your friends, your, family…basically any one who is willing to show a lil love and support of an emerging artist! *wink wink*

Voting has started and will continue until April 1st; and the link to vote is: http://mississaugaartscouncil.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&formId=6

If you also want to see the other nominees, my “bio” (which I realized is more like an artist statement) and my non-favorite-picture-of-me, you can check this link too: http://www.mississaugaartscouncil.com/

ps. Thank you for the love and support thus far (regardless if you vote for me, or someone else, or not at all! 😛 ) I’m up against a huge list of talented individuals, so all the best to everyone!!

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**Exciting News** pt.1


Check the page, “LIKE” the page, Share the page and continue this journey with me as I share some of the work I create, along with any other creative creations that captures my interest!!




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INside-OUT Perceptions…

*INside-OUT Perceptions*

INsideOut PerceptionsThis is the piece that I created as a visual conversation to go along side the An(other) Antilles project; a documentary by Imara RolstonAjani that was about the Sir George Williams Riot that took place in Montrel in the late 1960’s. The opening night and screening also included amazing art work (by some of my favourite artists 🙂 ) and very engaging conversation with some of the elders that experienced this event and the younger generation, many who were unaware of this incident prior to project *myself included*.


On a personal note, this was the first time I had an opportunity to create an installation that was print based. There were definitely some challenging moments and I would welcome the opportunity to do something like this again… But overall I am proud of the outcome and was humbled by the compliments from those who were feeling this piece!! *many thanks*


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T.M. Solidarity #2…

I just wanted to post this picture as another example of the work I do, but it just occurred to me that it has almost been a year since this tragedy made headlines… So many things were said about this whole situation, so many thoughts and conversations were shared, so many emotions are associated with this event…

For me, this was probably one of the first times (that I can recall) that a current and poignant event moved me to the point that I had to create something in order to express what I felt. For me, it wasn’t enough to just talk about it…it had to be visual. This piece was an observation, a reflection, a conversation… It’s not just about one particular victim, but it’s about the others that have shared in a similar experience or have suffered the same fate, as well. This is also about the response of the people; their reactions, their actions, etc…

*think about it*T.M. Solidarity

*Rest In Peace*


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2012, I’m out…

This year was a good year, with regards to the work that I did. I’m constantly creating even though I don’t post everything… But fo’real, the art is better felt in real life. So if you know anyone that does this art thing and works hard to express themselves visually, I highly recommend making the time to check out their stuff when they have an opening, or are part of a group show; computer images never do the art justice. *just saying* As for me, I feel blessed whenever I have the opportunity to share my work… With that being said, I leave you with a lil version of one of my favourite pieces created near the end of this year.

2012, I’m out; ’13 is gonna be another great year to create!! Peace. *let.luv.fly*

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Chillin’, Chilly, Cool…

Chillin’ on chilly day taking some cool shots of my homegirl…check it out!!

Check out Vol:3 and Snap Shots for more photos!!


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Just a test…

This is just a test print… *Wutchu think?*


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